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Snowbound Amish Survival by Mary Alford


Genre: Amish Romance, Inspirational Suspense

Series: -

Publisher: Mills & Boon Love Inspired

Release date:1/01/2022

Pages: 216 

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Book Blurb.... 

"She’s caught in a snowstorm …with a target on her back.

When armed men burst into her patient’s house looking for her, Amish midwife Hope Christner barely escapes with her pregnant friend. Now running through a snowy forest with enemies in pursuit and a blizzard raging, Hope has no choice but to turn to the closest neighbour, her ex-fiancĂ©, Hunter Shetler. But facing the heartbreak of their past is just as frightening as the attackers on her trail…" 

My thoughts ....
Snowbound Amish Survival was the first romantic suspense book I've read so I don't have a reference to compare this book to. I would give this book a three out of five stars. I enjoyed the Amish life theme and the romantic plot in the book. Also, I thought that the book had you guessing why criminals would be after an Amish midwife. I thought the bad men seemed to have a bit of unbelievable tracking powers in a whiteout snowstorm and unfamiliar territory which made it a little more like superheroes of Amish and criminals. But again, I don't know how suspense books normally go. I found that after reading this book it's not a genre for me, but it did provide continued suspense scenes throughout the book. 

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*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.


  1. Snowbound Amish Survival sounds like a great book for me to enjoy, thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks I Luv the Books for sharing your review! Have a wonderful day!

  2. This sounds really good, thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is going on my tbr!

  4. I enjoyed the except. Thank you for sharing.


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